Hybrid Project rises out of my work as a multimodal educator and artist working at the convergence of analog and digital technologies. I began my career in small nonprofit organizations, honed my teacher skill set at an alternative school in California, and work now at a major university on the East Coast doing instructional design in online classes.

My degrees are in the social sciences but I’ve been studying and making art (and crafts) since childhood. I used to apologize for my lack of post-secondary formal arts education and my reliance on a non-arts field for economic survival, but I don’t anymore. Education and art are in constant and meaningful conversation in my professional and creative life. I’m not a community trained or informally trained or lower-case a artist. I’m just an artist. Many of us are.

Critical and digital pedagogies, constructionism and constructivism, peace education, new media art, creative writing, makerspaces, arts and crafts, multimedia, remixing, and STEAM conversations are all in the mix for me.

Twitter @AngelinaConti

Instagram @hybridprojectart